Riedel Alpaca Ranch

A Little Slice of Heaven

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A Little Slice of Heaven

New Events Coming in 2024!!

We are offering some new events at our farm this year including:

Children's Birthday parties

Ladies Night Out with the Alpaca Ladies

New picnic areas being added around the pond.

Riedel Alpaca Ranch is located in Tebbett’s, only minutes northeast of Jefferson City, MO.

Beautiful tranquil area located on 50 acres of hard woods. It offers breathtaking views during summer, fall or spring for hikes or walks in the woods. Often referred to as "A little slice of Heaven".

Enjoy the luxurious feel of the alpaca fiber that was historically known “to be the fiber of God’s” and only reserved for the Inca royalty.

Learn all about alpacas, receive snuggles and feed them from your hand. In addition to our herd, you can fish on our beautiful pond stocked with crappie, bluegill, catfish, and bass for catch and release, or just throw out a quilt for a picnic lunch or dinner. It has breathtaking views in summer, spring or fall.

We have a variety of alpaca products for purchase as well as a farm store that you can shop in!